In It For Tom

by Tom Savage Explosion

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released January 3, 2013


tags: punk Maine


all rights reserved


Tom Savage Explosion Maine

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Track Name: In It For Tom
In it for Tom, we're not in this for you
stop pretending that you like us and get a fucking clue
You'd kill yourself for Tom if you were hardcore too
In it for tom not you
We don't fuck around when it comes to Tom!
Track Name: Gamemaster Tom
Roll the dice
Make your move
Tom will probably kill you
Rape the system
Roleplaying god
We love GameMaster Tom
Track Name: Tom's Inferno
Tom's house burnt down
up in smoke
Tom's inferno, Holy shit!
Throw those goats out the window
Marylin Monroe burnt to the ground
Holy shit!
Tom's house burnt to the ground
Track Name: Shut Your Fucking Tom
I always hear you talk
You talk about Tom
like you fucking know him
You dont know shit
Your mouth is always moving
You think you know Tom
You know fucking nothing
so shut your fucking Tom
You don't know shit
Track Name: Acid for Tom
Tom did acid one time and maybe he did it again
Tom has fucking flashbacks and he doesn't like them
Tom did acid Tom did acid Tom did acid
Track Name: Tom's Secret Mechs
Underneath his living room, Tom is working hard
On Bipedal Robot powersuits with fists and fucking guns
He won't tell a soul, but that isn't stopping us
Tom is building secret mechs, so watch the fuck out
One day Tom will rule the world with his secret mechs.